Solinst 407 Bladder Pump

  • Ideal for VOC groundwater sampling Provides accurate samples consistently with excellent VOC sample integrity
  • Excellent for low flow sampling to 150m. Available in stainless steel or PVC
  • Choice of Bladder Material. Durable PTFE/FEP or disposable LDPE available.
  • Portable or Dedicated
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The 407 bladder pump from Solinst is a reliable , high performance bladder pump for high quality groundwater sampling. The bladder pump prevents all drive air and gas from coming into contact with the sample, ensuring that degassing and contamination are never an issue. The Solinst 407 Bladder Pump is a reliable, high-performance pump providing high quality samples, and meets even the strictest US EPA standards for VOC groundwater monitoring.

The pump's bladder was designed to prevent all drive air and gas from coming into contact with the sample, ensuring that degassing and contamination are never an issue. With a PTFE/FEP construction that is designed to be durable and rugged, the bladders are perfect for dedicated use. Cheaper polyethylene bladders are also available for those who need to change bladders regularly. In the field, both types of bladder can be replaced quickly and easily without special tools.

The stainless steel bladder pumps are ideal for either low or regular-flow sampling, lifting from depths of up to 500 ft (150 m) below grade. The PVC-based pump is capable of operating up to 100 ft (30 m) below grade.

Low Flow Purge Sampling

Because it reduces turbulence, low-flow sampling produces high-quality samples; it also reduces the time and money required to collect samples by minimising purge volumes. When used with a Solinst Model 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit, the Integr Bladder Pump can be adjusted to continuously output up to 100 ml per minute.

Using a Flow-Through Cell System during low-flow sampling makes the analysis of purge water possible as it is flowing through the line. In fact, as soon as readings stabilise, low-flow sampling can begin. Packers are also available for those who wish to speed up the sampling process further by lowering purge volumes.


  • Non-Vertical Applications
  • Leachate/Product Pumping

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: Solinst 407 Bladder Pump

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High Quality Groundwater Sampling
VOC Sampling
Low-Flow Groundwater Sampling


Stainless steel or low cost PVC 1.66”(42 mm) and
1” (25 mm) in 316 stainless steel. 1.66” (42 mm) in PVC
Bladders Durable PTFE/FEP bladders are ideal for dedication.
Inexpensive polyethylene is also available


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