• Simple & Easy Analysis of Water Quality Data Import data from various file types & file formats
  • Extensive Suite of Statistical Calculations for Water Quality Analysis Includes trend analysis, alert levels, outlier tests & many more
  • Over 25 Essential Geochemical Plots & Graphing Techniques Including Piper, Schoeller, Scatter, Box & Whisker
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Water Quality Data Analysis and Reporting Software

AquaChem software has been specifically designed for users working with groundwater data. It is ideal for water applications requiring management, analysis and reporting of groundwater quality data.

AquaChem has a wide range of functions that analyze, interpret and compare water quality data. These tools include unit transformations, charge balances, statistics and sample mixing to more complex functions such as correlation matrices and geothermometer calculations.


  • Simple and easy analysis of water quality data
  • Effortless and flexible data importing and exporting
  • Over 25 essential geochemical plots and graphing techniques
  • Intelligent handling of non-detect results
  • Automatic calculations of water type, sum of anions, sum of cations, ion balance, TDS, hardness and more
  • Range of statistical calculations for water quality analysis including trend analyses, alert levels, outlier tests, test for normality and more.
  • Water quality exceedence reports for multiple water quality standards
  • Automatic ready-made reports

Manufactured by: Waterloo Hydrogeologic
Model: AquaChem

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Aqueous geochemistry of municipal groundwater supply wells
Lab results of samples from contaminated sites
Manage water quality data from sanitary landfills
Mineralization trends for mining exploration
Analyze, interpret and plot water quality data
Report water quality guideline exceedances