Building Services

Since the turn of the millennium, pressures associated with energy efficiency and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, has meant that the building industry has had to integrate methods of energy efficiency and usage monitoring to reduce our carbon footprint. The Climate Change Levy, which came into effect on 1st April 2001 and applies to energy used in the non-domestic sector (industry, commerce, and the public sector), has meant that organisations and businesses now need to monitor their usage of energy in order to reduce their bills. With rising fuel prices and global warming, hot water and steam usage is now one of our most expensive commodities we have. It is therefore very obvious that organisations are now taking steps to reduce their bills be installing ultrasonic non invasive heat meters.

It is not just hot water systems, but also chilled water systems that utilise vast amounts of energy. Air conditioning systems require regular maintenance and can often be ineffi

cient. Constant monitoring using clamp on heat meters will not only allow comprehensive efficiency monitoring but also a reduction in energy bills.

Energy Surveys

RS Hydro offer an energy survey service which will allow any organisation to monitor energy usage for each building, block or department. By measuring the flow and return flows and temperatures we can measure the exact heat consumption in kW, kJ or MW. We also have an extensive hire fleet of portable heat meters with built in dataloggers.


Permanent retro-fit clamp on heat meters are particularly suited to systems with pipework greater than 80mm. RS Hydro have installed these for large organisations to continually monitor energy usage at a factory or departmental level.

Typical applications:
• Sub-metering; 
• Chilled water / hot water metering;
• Boiler or heat exchanger testing.

Clients include:

  • Universities;
  • Office blocks;
  • Housing Organisations;
  • Any large company!