Energy Monitoring

RS Hydro provide a wide range of technical services and products to energy generators and potential energy generators. These services range from installation of specialist monitoring equipment to the maintenance and calibration of third-party equipment.RS Hydro have worked extensively within the coal, oil and gas, nuclear, hydro-electric and environmental sectors of the power generation industry within the UK and overseas.

RS Hydro's services and instrumentation help clients to optimise and maintain their energy generation and distrbution infrastructure. A good example is flow meters: an essential element to any efficient power generation. With global pressure to reduce our carbon footprint, optimal process monitoring is essential. In times gone by, many supplies or feeds were not metered due to cost and downtime implications. However retrofit clamp on flow meters can now be installed without any interruption to process flows.

In nuclear power stations, portable clamp on flow meters can be installed in high exposure areas in very short periods of time (minutes as oposed to hours or days). Clamp on gas flow meters can be used to measure compressed air flows or even steam. In hydro-electric schemes, RS Hydro have installed non-invasive flow meters on 2000mm pipelines to control hydro-turbine penstocks. Velocities of 4-10m/sec and 15,000-40,000l/sec are not uncommon!

On a smaller scale, RS Hydro can help clients who wish undertake flow and energy surveys to establish the amount of potential or actual energy that can be achieved from micro (small-scale) hydro-electric power schemes, biofuel and energy from waste. RS Hydro can even measure the amount of gas produced from landfill sites with high accuracy non invasive flow meters rather than invasive anemometers and therefore monitor the production from individual landfill cells.

Overview of Services

RS Hydro has an extensive track record in the provision of technical services and instrumentation to the energy sector:

  • Intrusive and non-invasive flow measurement services and instrumentation for pipe applications:
    • gas - natural gas, methane, hydrogen, CO2, nitrogen and many more.
    • steam - saturated and unsaturated
    • compressed air;
    • water and any liquid - including ultrapure or distilled water.
  • Open channel flow measurement (culverts, streams and rivers) and groundwater applications;
  • Water quality monitoring in streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and boreholes;
  • Level and pressure monitoring in vessels, open water, groundwater.