Process & Manufacturing

A vast array of measurements are required within any manufacturing process: from the measurement of raw materials to the final product. The increased pressures of Regulators, new legislation (ie climate change levy), quality assurance, competition and improving technology all equate to more accurate monitoring and measurement of process conditions.Today's global market ensures that manufacturers must maintain exacting standards of excellence to retain their competitve edge. Exacting standards requires that every process is monitored with the precision and accuracy that it deserves: quality instrumentation installed by experts.

As a company, we are regularly surprised by the vast array of applications in which our instrumentation can be applied to. Whether you are measuring water, diesel, methane, natural gas, refrigerants, Xenon or Hexachloro-Cyclopentadiene (!), RS Hydro can provide the instrumentation and technical expertise to enable your company to push the barriers of industry excellence.

RS Hydro is a unique company offering both industrial monitoring services and extensive equipment hire facilities. The company has a comprehensive range of high specification flowmeters, sensors and recording devices to meet your measurement needs whether that includes the flow measurement of cooling systems, flowmeter calibration, groundwater monitoring or simply the monitoring of process flows and energy usage.

Whether you wish to measure compressed air flows with non-invasive flow meters, level measurement of a raw material using radar or ultrasonic, flow meter calibration, groundwater monitoring, monitoring energy and water usage or provide a remote telemetry signal from one plant to another, RS Hydro can specify and supply it all.

Condensate and Boiler 
Non-invasive ultrasonic and vortex flow meters can be used to measure liquid flows in pipes of 9-2000mm and between -20degC and +200degC. Ultrasonic flow meters can measure almost any liquid with <5% solids.

Clamp on flow meters and insertion flow meters are used to measure both saturated and superheated steam without any modifications to the existing pipewor: no downtime and reduced costs.

Heat Metering
Electromagnetic, ultrasonic transit-time and vortex flowmeters can be used to measure flow, differential temperature and heat transfer in heating systems up to 250degC.

Liquid Flow Metering
Ultrasonic flow meters , electromagnetic or coriolis flowmeters can be used to obtain measurements with 0.2-2% accuracies. All equipment is easy to use and install and can be supplied with almost any external data logger (optional).

Flow Meter Calibration
All meters can be used in principal as a reference meter, with coriolis, turbine and electromagnetic offering the highest accuracies. The latest technology in electronic calibration and simulation can calibrate the electronics of most flow meters thus preventing the need to remove the primary device. In-situ meter verification using ultrasonic flow meters allows the user to verify accuracies without removing the meter under test.

RS Hydro stocks a wide range and number of multi-parameter recording data loggers for local and remote recording. Dataloggers can be used in conjunction with PSTN, GSM and satellite technology to deliver data immediately to your PC. Alarm forwarding facilities allow you to be notified immediately if the monitored variable falls outside specified set points.