Radar Level Transmitters & Sensors

RS Hydro are UK distributors for Siemens Automation & Technology. The Siemens range of radar device includes 2-wire, 4-wire, pulse, and FMCW and is ideal for . Using the most appropriate antenna, a radar level monitoring solution is ideal for even difficult applications; steam, pressure, dust, liquids with low dielectric properties or extreme temperatures have virtually no influence on the measurement process.

About Radar Level Transmitters...

Non-contact radar level transmitters can be used for the measurement of almost any liquid and many solids in storage tanks, vessels or during processing. Radar level transmitters are extremely versatile because they are unaffected by any changes to product or process: pressure, dielectric properties, temperature, density, conductivity, vapours or dust. Siemens radar level transmitters are non-contact level sensors therefore making them extremely versatile and reliable. Siemens radar level transmitters have integral linearisation software to calculate the level versus tank shape and provide a signal output. Typical applications include:

  • Radar tank gauging in Storage vessels
  • Radar Level measurement in processing vessels, reactors, blenders, scrubbers and mixers
  • Long-range level monitoring for reservoirs
  • Monitoring handling of high temperature molten products, inc metals, minerals and coke products
  • Radar level measurement in steamy or dusty environments

You will find Siemens radar level transmitters in almost every industry: water/wastewater, oil & gas, aggregates, automotive, chemical & pharmaceutical, dairy, food & beverage, manufacturing/process, Oil & gas, paper, steel… and many more! - just ask us for details.

How do Radar Level Transmitters work?

The cone of the radar level transmitter emits millions of very short (nano-second) microwave pulses continuously. Each pulse, using the horn or rod is directed at the product and reflected from its surface. The transit time from the point of transmission to reception is recorded and interpreted into a distance which is accurate to a few mm. As the radar continually emits the radar waves, the level of the product is continuously updated several times per second.

Where can I install Radar Level Transmitters?

Radar level transmitters and sensors can be mounted in the top of tanks with screw in adaptors or flanges. Siemens radar transmitters fit easily into your process, can be mounted from the top, sometimes the side or even on the outside of a plastic or GRP tank!

Why choose RS Hydro for radar level sensors?

  • Siemens radar level sensors have one of the most extensive range of radar level sensors covering almost every radar level application.
  • Proven accuracy, software and reliability.
  • Siemens radar level sensors can be found in almost every industry for solids and liquids
  • Proven reliability and a 2 year warranty
  • Total solution service: application advice, sales, installation, maintenance and support

How can I find out more?

Contact one of our experienced application engineers and we can discuss your application and offer you a range of solutions to suite performance and budget. We will also be happy to discuss your installation requirements as we have field engineers who can ensure that your application goes off without a hitch...call +44(0)1527 882060 and speak to one of our application engineers.