SITRANS LR100 Radar Level Transmitter

  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy setup with SITRANS mobile IQ
  • Chemically resistant PVDF enclosure
  • Compact design fits in limited space installations
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SITRANS LR100 is a 2 wire loop powered radar transmitter for continuous level measurement of liquids and slurries to a range of 8 m (26 ft). The Siemens SITRANS LR100 has many benefits including bluetooth connectivity for easy setup with SITRANS mobile IQ app, a Chemically resistant PVDF enclosure, and a compact design that can fit in limited space installations.

Manufactured by: Siemens-Milltronics
Model: SITRANS LR100 Radar Level Transmitter

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-SITRANS LR100 is a W band FMCW radar level transmitter,
packaged in a hermetically sealed PVDF enclosure for years of
trouble-free reliable measurement service.
-4 to 20 mA loop powered, it provides accurate level measurement to ranges of 8 m (26 ft). Measurement is possible
non-intrusively through plastic vessel tops for easy installation.
Programming is convenient using the Bluetooth connection and
SITRANS mobile IQ application on your smart device.


Mode of operation
Measuring principle W band FMCW radar
Measuring range 0 ... 8 m (0 ... 26 ft)
Frequency 80 GHz nominal
Power Supply
Voltage 12 ... 35 V DC
Current 4 ... 20 mA
Accuracy ± 5 mm
Rated operating conditions
Vessel pressure -1 ... +3 bar (14.50 ... 43.51 psi g)
Ambient temperature -40 ... +60 °C (-40 ... +140 °F)
Process temperature -40 ... +60 °C (-40 ... +140 °F)
Storage temperature -40 ... +80 °C (-40 ... +176 °F)
Weight 0.5 kg (1.1 lb), plus 0.1 kg/m (0.2 lb/ft) cable length
Material (enclosure) PVDF
Process connection 1-½" NPT, 1-½" BSPT, or 1-½" BSPP
Degree of protection IP66/IP68
Cable connection

• 8 m (26 ft) long, 2 conductor, twisted with shield 18 AWG, PVC jacket

• 1" NPT or 1" BSPT threaded connection

Certificates and approvals General Purpose CE
SITRANS mobile IQ App SITRANS mobile IQ is a Bluetooth app that provides an intuitive interface to quickly configure, set up and monitor SITRANS LR100 series.


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