Installation & Commissioning Services


RS Hydro offer extensive installation and commissioning services both in the UK and overseas. RS Hydro provide comprehensive and bespoke measurement solutions from an extensive range of the latest measurement technologies. Our engineers only offer 'best advice' and will never compromise the application or required performance with anything other than the best available instrumentation and measurement systems.

We are confident that we can offer a measurement solution regardless of the apparent difficulty of the application. We regularly install flow and level measurement instruments for the purposes of IPPC, UWWT and MCERTS which often require extensive application assessments.

RS Hydro's engineers are actively involved in almost all industry sectors covering the flow, level, environmental and meteorological disciplines. This experience translates into an advantage that is passed immediately to our clients: comprehensive technical experience and solutions delivered on time, on budget and within specification.

All technically qualified staff are trained to very high standards. Our engineers are expected to be able to install, commission, calibrate and maintain all equipment supplied. To back this up, our engineers regularly undertake training courses run by our suppliers. Suppliers include Siemens, Panametrics, ABB and Nivus.

Our experience allows us to maintain, test and install instruments outside our main suppliers and as such if you require specialist support services from a total solution company you are almost there...


Our services also include:

  • Feasibility, design, operation & maintenance of monitoring instrumentation
  • On-site servicing and warranty support
  • Application assessments
  • Flow surveys
  • Equipment hire
  • In-situ product demonstrations
  • Maintenance and calibration contracts
  • Network Monitoring