Environmental Monitoring Solutions & Equipment

RS Hydro are an ISO-accredited, environmental monitoring solutions supplier and installer providing fixed and portable environmental monitoring instrumentation and systems for water based environments including industrial/process, MCERTS, EPR and the Water Framework Directive applications. We provide complete turnkey solutions which include telemetry/data acquisition, servicing and an extensive hire fleet of portable monitoring instrumentation.


We specialise in the supply, installation and commissioning of MCERTS accredited monitoring equipment, with configurable data acquisition & reporting software, to satisfy operator & regulatory requirements.

Continuous water monitoring equipment must be of an acceptable standard to ensure that the environment remains properly protected. Regulations such as Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) require you to use MCERTS approved products. Equipment is certified and tested under the MCERTS Continuous Water Monitoring Equipment scheme, which covers automatic waste water samplers and flow meters.

Equipment Hire

Our extensive portfolio of portable & handheld instrumentation for environmental & industrial measurement are suitable for a number of applications including: flow measurement in open channels and pipes; water quality monitoring and sampling in any location above or below ground.

Service & Support

We provide total service and support coverage for the UK and Ireland which can include maintenance contracts, servicing schedules and calibration for monitoring networks or standalone instruments.