Water Quality Monitoring : Wastewater Sampling : Catchment Monitoring

RS Hydro provide a wide range of water quality monitoring, water quality analysis and wastewater sampling services for river, stream, groundwater, sewer, wastewater and trade effluent monitoring applications, bathing water and CSO discharge monitoring. In the UK, our company is unique in that we are the only company that can truly provide a total solution for your water quality monitoring and wastewater sampling project: sales, installation, maintenance, calibration and rental. We also undertake industrial flow and load surveys to help determine BOD & COD and can measure pH, conductivity, depth, dissolved oxygen (DO), ammonium, chloride, nitrate, turbidity, suspended solids/sediment and REDOX/ORP continuously. We strive to help businesses to assess environmental risks, to understand their current performance, and to help them develop effective monitoring systems.

Water Quality Monitoring Services

RS Hydro's water quality monitoring services include:

  • CSO discharge monitoring
  • Effluent & Wastewater sampling
  • Flow and Load Surveys
  • Instrument maintenance and calibration
  • Field monitoring, sample collection and analysis
  • Spot & Passive Sampling
  • Real-time Telemetry
  • Lake, River & Wetland Monitoring
  • Flood Warning Systems
  • Quality assured data collection and management Data analysis and reporting
  • Water Quality Equipment
  • Groundwater monitoring equipment and surveys
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling
  • Groundwater monitoring studies related to quarrying, mining and land filling (including Regulation 15)
  • Coastal and estuarine data collection
  • Process chemical analysis

Our experienced engineers are at hand to provide a completely independent and professional approach to your water quality monitoring requirements. Our wide-ranging experience of water quality monitoring and wastewater sampling projects allows us to provide the end-user with a total water quality monitoring solution (temporary or permanent) from inception through to commissioning, calibration and maintenance.

Water Quality Monitoring Equipment Hire

As part of our on-going commitment to offer our clients excellence in customer service, our groundwater environmental services section offer an extensive range of water quality meters and borehole monitoring equipment for you to hire, including borehole loggers and groundwater dataloggers, water quality testing equipment, multi- parameter sondes such as the Manta 2borehole loggers , conductivity meters, DO meters, turbidity sensors, ORP meters, pH meters and dataloggers. All instruments are comprehensively checked prior to dispatch, to ensure trouble free operation on site. All instruments are supplied with an operators manual and valid calibration certificate. We offer live web-based technical support and via our help-desk where technical advice is freely available. RS Hydro stock a range of electromagnetic, ultrasonic, vortex and turbine meters which are available for hire.

Water Quality Monitoring Instrument Sales

RS Hydro represent a multitude of national and international manufacturers. For all sales enquiries, our technical sales and qualified technicians are on hand for technical assistance and advice. Each of our divisions will provide you with the same personal attention; we pride ourselves on our technical ability and product knowledge providing a quick response to your requirements.