Actionable Water Quality Data for the Environment Act 2021

We are faced with an unprecedented challenge to reduce pollution levels in our rivers, lakes and bathing waters. Combined with the availability of suitable sensing technology, it is immensely important that the data we capture is accurate, reliable and can be interpreted by all without subjective opinion; and that means definitive data which can be related back to water quality standards and used by all stakeholders…clear, actionable data!

The current climate encourages subjective data based on turbidity, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and ammonium. These parameters do not quantify the 'impact' that Section 82 of the Environment Act 2021 is striving to achieve; instead they only provide basic contextual information. To tackle pollution, we need water quality parameters which clearly relate to classifications and permits such as bathing water standards for e.coli/enterococci or BOD/COD/TOC for industrial/wastewater discharge consents.

'We need parameters that provide definitive classifications as to what is excellent/good/poor using BOD/COD/TOC/Phosphorous/ e.coli/ enterococci.'

At Proteus. our solutions provide just this and we will support you in your journey to create, manage and create actionable water quality data from our remote monitoring stations. Our range of solutions and services provide an end-to-end solution for water quality monitoring for any application.