At RS Hydro we fully understand that one instrument will not suit all applications. As such we offer the most comprehensive range of water quality instrumentation to fulfill the requirements of Section 82 of the Environment Act.

As it stands the standard specification of an instrument that can measure turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonium and temperature upstream and downstream of all CSOs will not deliver the expected benefits that it was hoped for under the Environment Act 2021. The route reason for this is that these five parameters only provide contextual background and provide no measure of impact. As such, it is anticipated that these instruments will also be accompanied by additional instruments that can deliver this, such as Proteus.

It would be reasonable to assume that under the Environment Act, water companies will oversee the installation of a variety of different sensors ranging from the basic array to more comprehensive sensors that will indeed be able to measure impact using parameters such as BOD, COD, TOC, e.coli and Phosphorous.

RS Hydro are able to provide a complete range of sensors and solutions that can provide any mix of up to 30 different parameters.

Other Instrumentation

We fully understand that there are times when certain project requirements mean that alternative products and solutions are required to fulfil a projects aims. With our extensive in-house engineering experience we are able to provide any integrated solution whether its for remote monitoring or as part of SCADA-connected system on a WTW/WWTW. To understand our capability fully, please get in touch.