BD1 Portable System

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The BD1 is the ultimate portable monitoring solution for our range of water quality sensors. Being modular in design it can be utilised as a standalone, highly portable temporary or permanent surveillance tool or as part of one of our pumped flow-cell kiosk solutions. Being IP68, small, very robust and highly versatile, the BD1 can be utilised for almost any water quality application whether its in the remotest parts of the UK or indeed hidden in an inner city river location, making it the go-to solution for monitoring under the Environment Act. With options to have GPS, multiple I/Os (including SDI12, modbus, 4-20mA, pulse), powering up of attached autosamplers or flow cells, the BD1 is the most versatile system on the market. The addition of a GPS locator means that heat maps can be generated if the system is on the move – ideal for potential diffuse and point source pollution studies.

The BD1 is typically powered by a micro-solar panel which can range from 5-40watts. A 10-watt solar (20-watt is default) panel would be adequate to provide 5-minute data every hour 24/7/365. Alternatively the BD1 can either be deployed without an external power source allowing continuous operation for up to 2 months at 15-minute intervals or indeed with an external AC/DC input. Log and upload intervals of 1-minute to 24 hours can be selected.

With data being transferred in real-time using the latest IoT technology, all data can be viewed on our secure web portal or indeed integrated with your own SCADA or software systems, appearing like the sensor is physically connected to your system. This allows data integration on any platform; this could be a simple node reading, a read-only public graph embedded within a website or embedded control of outstations from your own system. Please visit our telemetry section here.

Manufactured by: RS Hydro
Model: BD1 Portable System

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Physical Dimensions
Dimensions 361W x 165H x 289D mm
Operating Temperature

-20 to + 60degC

Materials of Construction Lightweight HPX resin
IP Rating IP67 with rubber ‘O’ ring and Vortex® valve.
Weight 6 kg with battery
Sensor Interfaces

SDI12/RS232/RS485 options

Sensor Power Supply 12v @ 2amp
Sampler Power Supply 12v @ 2amp
Telecommunications & Logging
4G (CatM1/NBIoT) Frequencies 3GPP Release 13 Bands: 1-5, 8,12,13,18-20,25,26,28. Freq: 700, 750, 800, 850, 900, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100 MHz4G (CatM1/NBIoT)
Power Output LTE Cat M1/NB19 Class 3 (23 dBm, 200mW)
Antenna Plug Type SMA (with external SMA connector for extension aerials)
Upload Intervals 60 secs-1 day
Operating Voltage 12V DC (also supplied with external 230VAC charger)
Operating Current (based on 15min logging, hourly uploads)
  • c.8mAh based on 15 sensor sonde connected, hourly uploads. 2month battery life without charge
  • c.2mAh based on 15min EP30 EasyProbe (5 sensors) connected. 6 month battery life without charge
Integrated Charge Regulator (12v 6A) via 12v input/5-40watt solar panel.
Battery Lithium 12v 12Amp/hr.