BD5 Data Buoy

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Our databuoys are extremely robust and suitable for even the worst environments. Topside, solar panel options provide power to the integrated battery and telemetry system. Multiple pass-through holes allow sensors (up to 8”/200mm diameter) to be deployed and retrieved quickly and easily. For smaller deployments, larger sensors can be mounted directly to the instrument cage and maintenance is achieved by simply lifting the buoy out of the water. Single point or multipoint moorings can be attached to the subsurface stainless steel frame supports. Almost all buoys (except for our smallest models) are fitted with solar panels, internal batteries, navigation/warning lights (where required) and telemetry systems. All data is transferred in real-time using the latest IoT technology and can either be viewed on our secure data portal or integrated into your own SCADA systems or software. Please visit our telemetry section here.

Manufactured by: RS Hydro
Model: BD5 Data Buoy

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Hull Outer Dimensions 61.0cm
Hull Height 35.6cm
Data Well Inner Diameter 26.2cm
Pass-through Hole Diameter 5.1cm
Tower Height 33.0cm
Solar Panels 3x10watts
Weight 64 kg (100lb)
Net Buoyancy 68 kg (150lb)
Hull Material Cross-linked polythene foam with polyurea coating & stainless steel deck
Hardware Material 316 stainless steel
Mooring Attachments 3x3/4" eyenuts