Integrated Solutions

RS Hydro offers a full design, installation, commissioning and maintenance service provided by expert engineers who are backed by leading manufacturers.

RS Hydro have installed thousands of bespoke measurement solutions in almost every industry. We are often used to undertake projects where others cannot, calling on our ability to undertake complex or seemingly impossible projects. We have a deep understanding that the success of a project is based on the information that is captured right at the start, so this means capturing the specific design requirements of a project and then confirming that the design specification meets project expectations before it proceeds. This ensures that projects are installed correctly and work first time without any form of rework. Every job or project receives an automatic tailored customer survey so we will always ensure that we meet your expectations. Wherever possible we always apply the highest industry standard to our installation whether they require it or not; this simply ensures you always get the best possible installation.

Whether you require a simple installation or a multi-site, multi-contractor project our 'ID System' will ensure that every installation or maintenance activity has the same repeatable, reliable and rigorous process applied to it. Ultimately this will mean, for example, that all instrumentation systems that require internal testing prior to installation will be recorded and add to our ID System for you to view online. Our system also alerts us in advance of all sites that require maintenance, calibration or technical support tickets resolving to ensure that all installations are maintained giving you peace of mind that its being looked after.

Our aim is always to exceed your expectations. ALWAYS! This is the only way to guarantee that you will always be happy with our work. For examples of our work please visit our case studies section.