Permanent PLC-based Solutions

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The BD3 and BD4 solutions incorporate a PLC at the heart of the design for real-time SCADA process control applications. A weatherproof enclosure contains all components and can either be integrated into existing systems or can be wall mounted adjacent to the sensors. The BD3 enclosure measures 747h x 536w x 300d and for the BD4 design an additional identical enclosure is used to house the flow cell, sonde and pump.

The BD3/BD4 solutions are ideal for measuring a range of water quality, flow, level and meteorological applications and has options for RS232/RS485, modbus, analogue and pulse inputs. These solutions are ideally for process control applications where continuous real-time data is required; applications such as aeration control, Full Flow to Treatment and Final Effluent Monitoring. With real-time control at your finger tips using parameters such as BOD, COD or TOC, it is possible to have greater control of WWTW processes and indeed react quicker to water quality imbalances that could be caused by trade effluent spikes or storms.

Manufactured by: RS Hydro
Model: Permanent PLC-based Solutions

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Physical Dimensions
Dimensions 747h x 536w x 300d (x2 for BD4 flow cell)
Materials of Construction Polycarbonate
Operating Temperature -20 to + 55degC
IP Rating IP66
Locks Tri-Cam (std), Various on request
4G (CatM1/NBIoT) Frequencies

3GPP Release 13 Bands: 1-5, 8,12,13,18-20,25,26,28.

Freq: 700, 750, 800, 850, 900, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100 MHz
4G (CatM1/NBIoT) Power Output LTE Cat M1/NB19: Class 3 (23 dBm, 200mW)
Antenna Plug Type SMA (with external SMA connector for extension aerials)
Upload intervals 60secs-1 day
Operating Voltage 110/230VAC
Operating current (based on 15min logging, hourly uploads)

<1amp at 230VAC