Data as a Service

RS Hydro provide a fully outsourced real-time Data as a Service model for real-time water quality monitoring covering all aspects of data collection, installation and maintenance. Our DaaS model means that there are no upfront costs for hardware, installation, maintenance, calibration, data collection, support, innovation or training. Put simply, we provide high quality real-time data from fully operable networks for our clients to use and share.

Once provided with an outline project plan and/or monitoring locations, RS Hydro will project manage entire networks of sensors. All installation, maintenance, support and call out visits are recorded within our online ID System which allows users/clients to login, access all relevant information and also produce on-the-fly documents covering the whole life-cycle of an installation. Clients will therefore be able to freely create a 'living document' of any installation(s). With administrative rights, clients can also add information themselves.

Deploying and maintaining large networks of sensors and ensuring that all in-house personnel are fully trained and equipped is a major concern amongst water companies with a seemingly shrinking engineering workforce. As such, this responsibility is clearly passed to RS Hydro.

This service has been developed over several years to provide the ultimate solution based on minimal risk and our extensive experience from projects around the world.

Our DaaS model provides you with:

  • Consultancy & Design - we survey all installation locations for suitability based on access, security, measurement suitability and river conditions.
  • Fixed pricing - our DaaS pricing models provide all parts of our DaaS model at a fixed price over 12 months.
  • Installation - we handle all aspects of installation and provide you with comprehensive supporting documentation via our industry leading online ID System.
  • Servicing/Maintenance - all service, maintenance, calibration and callout visits are included. Calibration and service intervals vary depending on parameter but can be anywhere between 1 and 12 months. We carry out any initial or ongoing calibrations locally to the instruments which can include the deployment of autosamplers. Due to our modular design for our systems and probes, any repairs or modifications can be carried out onsite without delay unlike other manufacturers where it is typically RTB.
  • Support - we provide extensive support for all aspects of this service via telephone, email or via our online ticket system.
  • Data Portal - all data is available via a secure online data portal. Multi-level access can be provided at various levels from basic read only access to full administrative rights. Alerts and data transfers can also be setup.
  • Data Integration - all data from any instrument or node can be fully integrated into a clients system via API, FTP or email connectivity. Simple integration could involve just embedding the latest values or graphs within a web page; all covered under our DaaS model. Our integration options allow you to embed your data within SCADA systems in a way that makes the data feel like a real-time wired system.
  • Sample analysis - RS Hydro have agreements in place with multiple UK laboratories to provide a turnkey sample collection and reporting service. Not all laboratories are the same and so its very important to utilise laboratories that you can trust.

Using our modular system and extensive range of products, RS Hydro provides the leading solution for environmental monitoring in the UK. A typical DaaS solution for water quality monitoring could involve the following:

  • Multiparameter sondes - we provide a whole range of single and multiparameter sondes (including the world-leading Proteus) ranging from 1 to 15 physical sensors (and up to 30 parameters). This flexibility is unparalleled by any other instrument worldwide. Although the Environment Act 2021 depicts the use of turbidity/TSS, dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH and ammonium these can be supplemented by up to 10 further physical sensors including BOD, COD, TOC, DOC, Total Coliforms, Faecal Coliforms, e.coli, Phosphorous, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, HAB sensors, nitrate and oil in water (amongst many others).
  • Other Sensors/Instruments - our telemetry solutions can accept multiple inputs including SDI12, modbus, 4-20mA and pulse. Furthermore it can provide control logic for alarms, relays or controlling pumping systems.
  • Meteorological Sensors - our systems can provide power and accept signals from met sensors including raingauges and multiparameter weather stations. This data can be combined to provide context or further calculations with any other sensor or telemetry system in the network.
  • Level & Flow Sensors - we provide a full range of level and flow sensors and a bespoke service for designing level and flow monitoring outstations.
  • Autosamplers - as a Teledyne ISCO official distributor we can connect ISCO or any other make/model of sampler to our systems. Users will be able to trigger any or all samplers in a network based on a node or combination of nodes/thresholds in the network. For instance this could mean that one raingauge could trigger 20 different auto-samplers at exactly the same time.