How it Works

Our telemetry solutions are designed to be as flexible as possible, using the latest NB-IOT technology. Our devices are fully programmable via the dedicated data portal for sensor, logging, uploading and data transfer configurations.


Easy Installation

Our portable, work from anywhere solutions solutions are plug and play and all you need to do is to turn the device on using the ON/OFFs witch and everything else is done from the data portal. As such, a pre-configured total solution could be installed within just a few minutes allowing you to do other jobs. 


Truly Global

Our 4G LTE M1/NB-IoT technology will future-proof your systems for decades and with a range of power options means that it can work autonomously without any concerns over power or replacing batteries. All firmware updates, configuration changes are passed out automatically every time the device connects. With an optional GPS module you can then track your device to within just a few meters.


Our RTUs allow users to connect multiple instruments and sensors using SDI12,RS232, RS485, Modbus or analog/digital inputs. As such just one device could record up to 100 different parameters simultaneously. With an additional digital output, it is possible to control external devices or simply provide local alarms.

Service Models
RS Hydro provides a range of services including outright purchase, rental or our Data-as-a-Service model whereby you simply just purchase the data. When combined with one of our sensor solutions, all you need to do is simply tell us where you want it installed and we handle the rest including installation, all calibration visits and data provision.


Data where you need it...
Our data platform puts the data exactly where you need it, when you need it and how you need it. With REST API, FTP and CSV export options, we provide ultimate flexibility for your data.