ORI Basic EX1 Mobile ATEX water sampler

  • Suitable for EX Zone 1 & 2 areas Allows for deployment in an explosive area without the need for remote deployment in a safe area.
  • Time, flow, volume and event based programming
  • Bluetooth Communication Communications with the MLOG to provide event based triggering on Ph, ORP conductivity, dissolved, temperature and water level.
  • GSM/GPRS Telemetry GSM / GPRS communication allows for remote activation of the sampler via SMS, along with remote data collection from the internal datalogger
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The Basic EX1 mobile automatic sampler is special designed for the collection of water samplers from potentially explosive environments. The automatic water sampler has four programming options to choose from - time, flow, volume and event, these options can be set locally as well as remotely if your regime needs to be altered. The sampler has been specifically designed to be as small as possible to allow for easy installation and removal from applications such as confined spaces where risk to personnel is high. With bluetooth communications also available on the atex sampler it is also possible to link to the MLOG atex water quality probe. In this mode it allows for the water sampler to be remotely triggered based on rate of change, threshold or range of Ph, conductivity, dissolved Oxygen and water Level (4-20ma). Suitable for short and long term deployments the the explosion proof sampler features a battery conservation setting (idle mode) allowing for reduced maintenance and upkeep during periods when the unit is non operational - CSO or storm water sampling. Key features include:
  • ATEX zone 1 certified.
  • Bluetooth connection to ORI MLOG - allows for monitoring of 3 sensors in parallel for event based triggering
  • RS 232 connection to ORI EX GSM / GPRS modem
  • 4-20ma and digital pulse input
  • sampler can be remote started via sms
  • interchangeable batteries - easily changed in the field without specialist tools

Manufactured by: ORI
Model: ORI Basic EX1 Mobile ATEX water sampler

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