A723 addIT Radio Telemetry Unit

  • Economical Low power consumption which can be powered by a standard solar panel
  • Robust Aluminium housing ensures all year operation even in the harshest environments
  • Increased Memory Four times more memory than the series 3 to manage all the additional options and sensors available with the new Radio Telementry System
  • Increased Pulse Count Now possible to count up to 50 pulses per second
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The A723 Series 4 Radio Telemetry Unit (RTU) can accept up to 48 inputs, 2 digital output and power to attached sensors vis analog or SDI-12 interfaces. While from the outside nothing appears to have changed on the inside of the fourth edition of the A723 addIT telemetry unit nothing has remained the same! There are many new and improved features.

The low power consumption of the A723 addIT Series 4 Radio Telemetry Unit means that it can be powered by a standard solar panel. With an integrated 10mW radio module, it is an extremely versatile RTU. It is also a 50 channel data logger with easily customisable transmission and measurement intervals. It can acquire and transmit both digital SDI12 and analog sensor values, digital status signals and meter pulses over distances up to 1km.

Installation in the field is very straightforward. With all of the components integrated into a single telemetry system housing it's as easy as fixing the housing to a pole, plugging in your sensors and connecting to the postcard sized solar panel. The robust aluminium housing (IP-66) ensures operation all year round, even in the harsh environments.

The A723 addIT series 4 telemetry device is fully compatible with the A840 and A850 telemetry gateways. However, you may have to upgrade your gateway to make use of some of the new features. It is also fully compatible with all current long range devices such as the A740 addNODE, A733 addWAVE and A731 addRELAY. It is not compatible with the A720, A730MD and A730SD.

New features include:

  1. A new and more powerful Renesas CPU gives full 12-Bit resolution which is available across the full operating temperature range of the A723. This reduces the maximum error caused by AD conversion from 0.1% to 0.025%.
  2. Up to 40 SDI-12 sensors can now be connected to the internal adapter making wiring easier and saving the expense of an external adapter.
  3. All sensors are set to sample at the same instance by default. The A723 series 4 can now also be set to use asynchronous sampling, which is advisable when sampling from a conductive media like water or soil where the sensors might influence each others readings.
  4. You can now choose between stabilised excitation power from 3.3V to 5.5V or unregulated battery power (5.6 - 7.5V).
  5. Now possible to count up to 50 pulses per second.
  6. An all new industrial grade NiMH battery can resist temperatures up to 158°F (70°C) and has an increased capacity of 2100mAh. The solar panel has also been upgraded to almost twice it's previous capacity to make the most of the new battery's capabilities.
  7. Four times more memory than the series 3 to manage all the additional options and sensors available with the new Radio Telemetry System.
  8. It is now possible to upgrade the firmware of the A723 without even opening the case! Just plug the standard A720C serial cable into the power port and reflash the CPU.

Manufactured by: Adcon Telemetry
Model: A723 addIT Radio Telemetry Unit

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Local radio networks
Water Quality monitoring
Meteorological Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Soil moisture monitoring networks


Dimensions 100 x 70 x 40 mm
Weight 450g
Protection Type IP-67
Transmission Distance Up to 1.000 m (dep. on topography)
Power Supply Internal 6.2V NiMH battery w. 2200 mAh, charged by solar panel or mains adapter
6 Analog Inputs 0 - 2.5 V with 12-Bit resolution or
0 - 1V with 11-Bit resolution
2 Counter Inputs For standard reed switches as used eg. in rain gauges or water meters. Max. frequency 30 pulses per second; min. pulse length 17ms, min. break time 17ms
SDI-12 Port: On-Board via I/O port A. Accepts up to 40 sensor values
2 Digital I/O's Configurable as either TTL-inputs for status control or as TTL-outputs to switch a relay (might require relay amplifier interface ADI-24)
Stabilized Sensor Excitation Adjustable from 3.3V to 5.5V
Unregulated Sensor
Feeds battery voltage to the sensors, unregulated from 5.6V to 7.5V
Memory 64KB for up to 20.000 readings (dep. on type of sensors attached)
Connectors 2 x Binder M9 7-pin female (Sensor)
1 x Binder M9 5-pin female (Power)
Mounting Mast mounting bracket
Temperature Range -30°C to +70°C
Tx Output Power 10mW
Rx Sensitivity -110dBm
Frequency Range 432 ... 470MHz
Type Approvals R&TTE, CE, FCC, Ind.Canada, ACMA AUS


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