A724 addSWITCH Radio Series 4

  • Fully Compatible Compatible with all other Adcon UHF RTUs so can easily be intergrated into existing networks
  • Activate Remotley Designed so a simple radio command sent to the addSWITCH will activate the device remotely eliminating the need to visit the site
  • Control up to 4 valves/pumps/processes
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The A724 addSWITCH radio telemetry unit is designed to start and stop devices remotely. Rather than visiting a site to activate a latching solenoid you can send a simple radio command to the addSWITCH. It supports most latching solenoids from a wide range of manufacturer and it can be programmed to output the correct voltage via a 6-pin Switchcraft connector. As well as opening and closing valves (four per unit, supplying 5.5 to 15V DC), you can also connect the addSWITCH telemetry unit to up to 4 pulse counters. For example, a rain gauge directly monitoring a drip line.

The A724 addSWITCH telemetry unit has extremely low energy consumption enabling it to be permanently powered by a solar panel. It's a robust device with an IP-67 rated aluminium enclosure and has a 10mW radio module with a transmission distance of up to 1km. It is fully compatible with all other Adcon UHF RTUs (such as the A733 AddWAVE,A740 addNODE or A751 addRELAY) and can therefore be easily integrated into existing networks.

As the A724 telemetry unit contains data logger, solenoid switch, power supply and radio inside a single enclosure ,there is no need for a secondary external enclosure. This makes installation in the field a very straightforward procedure. The unit simply needs to be fixed to a pole and connected to the sensors and a solar cell.


The addTimer is an extension to the Flowview online data portal which enables you to open and close your valves via the internet from anywhere in the world. The user can define as many irrigation programs as necessary and define shifts according to pump capacity, pipeline pressure, crop and water supply. Shifts can be programmed with a seasonal correction factor that can adjust irrigation duration without having to make manual changes at runtime.

Manufactured by: Adcon Telemetry
Model: A724 addSWITCH Radio Series 4

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Automation and monitoring of solenoid valves
Compact and rugged with extremely low power consumption
Flow meters
Rain gauge stations


Dimensions 119 x 79 x 60 mm
Weight 650g
Ingress Protection Class IP-66
Temperature Range -30°C to +70°C
Case Powder-coated aluminum
Connectors (all
connectors IP66 if properly mated or capped)
1x Switchcraft 6-pin M12 to
1x Binder M9 7-pin to sensors
1x Binder M9 5-pin to solar cell / power supply
Power Supply 6,2 V NiMH battery 2,1Ah + solar cell / mains adapter
Solenoids 4x latching solenoids; Voltage
programmable from 5,5V ... 15VDC
Pulse Counters 4x
Analog Sensors 1x 0 - 1/2,5V
Sampling Interval User specific (from 60sec. to 12h)
Measuring Method Simultaneous
Resolution 12-Bit @ 0-2,5 V / 30Hz pulse counter
Max. Solenoid
Up to 18 hours with a single radio command
Operating time (without charging battery) Col five
Safety Auto-stop of all irrigation valves if
battery voltage drops below threshold
Internal Memory 16KB for up to 10.000 values
Frequency Range 432 - 470 MHz
Rx Sensitivity -110 dBm
Tx Output Power 10 mW
Transmission Distance Up to 1km
Antenna Omni-directional whip, ¼, 2dBi
Type Approvals R&TTE, FCC Part 15, ACMA Australia, Industry Canada, etc.
Ordering Information:
100.724.000 A724 addSWITCH Series 4
200.733.520 Solar Panel, 220mA
800.000.285 Spare battery: 2,1Ah, NiMh


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