SITRANS F C MC2 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter (Discontinued)

  • Versatile Suitable for a wide range of mass flow measurement applications of liquid and gas
  • High Accuracy Better than 0.15% of mass flow rate
  • Wide Range of Sizes Available From DN50 to DN100 (standard version) or from DN20 to DN80 (hygienic version)
  • Hygienic Version Available Hygienic version available for use in the food and beverage industry
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The SITRANS F C MC2 coriolis mass flow meter is available as a standard version (DN 50 to DN 150 (2” to 6”)) and a hygienic, EHEDG-certified version (DN 20 to DN 80 (¾” to 3”)). MC2 and MC2 hygienic are both suitable for accurate mass flow measurement of a variety of liquids and gases.
The SITRANS coriolis mass flow meter offers superior performance in terms of flow accuracy, turn-down range and density accuracy and delivers true multi-parameter measurements i.e.: mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature and fraction flow .The very compact sensor construction makes installation and commissioning easy and straight forward.


The MC2 coriolis mass flow meter consists of 2 parallel measuring pipes, welded directly onto a flow-splitter at each end to eliminate a direct coupling to the process connectors and significantly reduce effects from external vibrations. The sensor is available in 2 material configurations, AISI 316L or Hastelloy C4 with a wide variety of process connections. The flow-splitters are welded onto a rigid sensor housing which acts as a mechanical low-pass filter.

The enclosure is made of stainless steel AISI W 304 1.4301 with an ingress protection rating of IP67/NEMA 4. The sensor is Ex-approved EEx em [ib] IIC. The coriolis flow meter can be installed (and is self draining in) both a horizontal or vertical position. The MC2 is designed for increased safety and can therefore only be connected to: MASS 6000 19” or SIFLOW FC070 Ex standard versions which have to be remote mounted in the safe area. For all non-hazardous applications the complete MASS 6000 transmitter program can be used, though only remote mounted.


  • High accuracy - better than 0.15% of mass flow rate
  • Large dynamic turn-down range
  • Space-saving split-flow sensor design facilitating low pressure loss
  • Parallel S-tube design and optimal oriented inductive sensors enhances accuracy and turn-down range
  • Densitometer performance available through a density accuracy better than 0.001 g/cm3
  • Self-draining in both horizontal and vertical position
  • Rigid enclosure design reduces the influence from pipeline vibration and thermal stress
  • 4-wire Pt100 temperature measurement ensures optimum accuracy on mass flow, density and fraction flow
  • SENSORPROM enables true "plug & play". Installation and commissioning in less than 10 min
  • Safe Ex-design EEx em [ib] IIC.
  • The sensor calibration factor is also valid for gas measurement.
  • Sensor pipe available in high-quality AISI 316L stainless steel W 1.4571 or Hastelloy C4 W 2.4610 offering optimum corrosion resistance

Manufactured by: Siemens-Milltronics
Model: SITRANS F C MC2 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter (Discontinued)

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Water and waste water
Oil and gas
Chemical and pharmaceutical
Food and beverage EDEHG-certified


Measuring range From 2130 to 510000 kg/h (standard version)
From 230 to 113400 kg/h (hygenic version)
Nominal size From DN 50 to DN 150 (2" to 6") (standard version)
From DN 20 to DN 80 (3/4" to 3") (hygenic version)
Accuracy ≤ 0.15% of rate
Nominal pressure Max 100 bar (Max 1450 psi)
Medium temperature From -50 to 180 °C (-58 to 356 °F)
Sensor design Two tube bended
Enclosure IP67
Approvals ≤DN 40: II 1/2 EEx em (ib) IIC T2-T6
≥DN 50: II 2G EEx em (ib) IIC T2-T6


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