Sitrans Mass 6000 IP67 Compact / Remote Transmitter

  • SENSORPROM Technology SENSORPROM technology allows automatic configuration of transmitter on start up
  • Compact Mounting Can be compact mounted on all sensors of type MASS 2100 DI 3 to DI 40
  • Remote Mounting Can be remote mounted for all types of MASS 2100/MC2 and FC300 sensors.
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The Sitrans MASS 6000 Transmitter is based on the latest developments in digital signal processing technology and is engineered for high performance, fast flow step response, fast batching applications, high immunity against process noise. It is also easy to install, commission and maintain.
The transmitter delivers true multiparameter measurements i.e. mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature and fraction. It can be compact mounted on all sensors of type MASS 2100 DI 3 to DI 40, and can be used in remote version for all types of MASS 2100/MC2 and FC300 sensors.

The transmitter is housed in an IP67/NEMA 4X compact polyamide enclosure and iis available as standard with 1 current, 1 frequency/pulse and 1 relay output. It can also be fitted with addon modules for bus communication.


  1. A dedicated mass flow chip with the latest ASIC technology
  2. Fast batching and flow step response with an update rate of true 30 Hz
  3. Front end resolution better than 0.35 ns improves zero point stability and enhances dynamic turn-down ratio on flow and density accuracy
  4. The patented DFT (Discrete Fourier Transformation) algorithm gives Superior noise immunity
  5. Enhanced troubleshooting and meter verification provides advanced diagnosis and service
  6. Built-in batch controller with compensation and monitoring comprising 2 built-in totalizers
  7. Multi-parameter outputs, individual configurable for mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature or fraction flow such as BRIX or PLATO
  8. Digital input for batch control, remote zero adjust or forced output mode
  9. All outputs can be forced to preset value for simulation, verification or calibration purposes
  10. User-configurable operation menu with password protection
    - 3 lines, 20 characters display in 11 languages
    - Self-explaining error handling/log in text format
    - Keypad can be used for controlling batch as start/stop/hold/reset
  11. SENSORPROM technology automatically configures transmitter at start-up providing:
    - Factory pre-programming with calibration data, pipe size, sensor type, output settings
    - Any values or settings changed by users are stored automatically
    - Automatically re-programming any new transmitter without loss of accuracy
    - Transmitter replacement in less than 5 minutes. True "plug & play"
  12. 4-wire Pt1000 temperature measurement ensures optimum accuracy on mass flow, density and fraction flow.
  13. Fraction flow computation based on a 5th-order algorithm matching all applications
  14. Installation of the transmitter to the sensor is simple "plug & play" via the sensor pedestal.
  15. USM II platform enables fitting of add-on bus modules without loss of functionality.
    - All modules can be fitted as true "plug & play"
    - Module and transmitter are automatically configured through the SENSORPROM.

Manufactured by: Siemens-Milltronics
Model: Sitrans Mass 6000 IP67 Compact / Remote Transmitter

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Water and waste water industry
Food and beverage industries
Pharmaceutical industries
Automotive industry
Power generation and utility industry
Oil and gas industry


Accuracy, Mass Flow 0.1% of mass flow rate
Outputs Standard 1 current, 1 pulse, 1 relay
3 current, 2 pulse, 2 relay (19" version)
Communication HART
Foundation Fieldbus
Display 3 x 20 characters
Enclosure Rating IP67 (std. version)
IP20 and IP66 (19" version)
Ambient Temperature From -20 °C to 50 °C (-4 ° to 122 °F)
Approvals 19" Ex EEx (ia) IIC


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