ISCO ADFM Velocity Profiling Insertion Flowmeter

ADFM Velocity Profiling Insertion Flowmeter

  • Automatic Velocity Profiling
  • Unmatched Accuracy
  • Hot Tap Installation No downtime - ideal for medium to large pipes
  • Wastewater/Dirty Water Applications
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The ADFM Hot Tap Insertion Flow Meter is a variant of the standard ADFM open channel flow system, combining a unique sensor suitable of insertion into full, operating pipes and ADFM pulse Doppler profiling technology. It can provide accurate flow rate measurement in full and pressurised pipes with diameters of 18" (460mm) or greater, and is ideal for the difficult hydraulic conditions found in applications such as force mains, process lines and siphons.

The ADFM Hot Tap Insertion meter is constructed of robust materials which provide years of worry free operation. Installation is quick and straight-forward via an industry standard 2" tap through the wall of the pipe. This also provides easy access to the sensor for maintenance and inspection.

The Hot Tap's velocity profiling technology measures flow rate with an accuracy of +/-2% of rate, even in difficult installations such as near bends or pumps etc. The sensor uses standard ADFM electronics for data collection, processing and storage. If you are already familiar with the standard ADFM system, operating the Hot Tap system will be easy and intuitive, with all standard ADFM software, interface and communication equipment available for the ADFM Hot Tap.

Standard Features

  • ADFM pulse doppler profiling technology
  • Data quality verification information
  • 4x redundant sensors in one housing
  • Real-time data output
  • Rugged construction
  • Never requires in-situ calibration

Manufactured by: Teledyne ISCO
Model: ADFM Velocity Profiling Insertion Flowmeter

Services offered for this product

  • Sales
  • Rental
  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance


Wastewater collection systems Combined sewer systems and outfalls
Wastewater treatment facilities
Irrigation canals and channels
Industrial process and discharges
Stormwater conveyance and outfalls


ADFM Hot Tap Measurement Performance - Flow Rate
Flow Accuracy 1-2% of reading
ADFM Hot Tap Measurement Performance - Velocity
Velocity Range ±30.0 ft/s (± 9 m/s)
Velocity Bin Size 2 to 12 inches (50 to 300 mm) user selectable
Vertical Profiling Range 9 to 108 in (230 mm to 2.7m) nominal, for particle concentrations of 50-1000 ppm
Pipe Sizes 18 to 108 inches (460 mm to 2.7 m)
Velocity Accuracy 0.5% of reading ± 0.01 ft/s (3.0 mm/s)
ADFM Hot Tap Acoustic Frequency
Frequency 1.23 MHz
Physical - ADFM Hot Tap Electronics Unit
Electronic Unit Configurations Cylindrical canister or wall-mount box
Operating Temperature -15 to 125°F (-26 to 52°C)
Storage Temperature (-65) to 160°F (-54 to 71°C)
Packaging NEMA 6P (IP 68) for canister; NEMA 4X for box
Dimensions Canister - 28.5x10 in. (724 x 254 mm); Box - 17.5x14.8x6.7 in (445x375x170 mm)
Weight Canister Housing 36 lbs (16 kg); Box Housing 24 lbs (11 kg)
Physical - Hot Tap Insertion Sensor
Operating Temperature 23 to 95°F (-5 to 35°C)
Housing Material Plastic transducer assembly on corrosion resistant stainless steel stem
Enclosure NEMA 6P (IP 68), tested at submersion to 20 feet of depth for 48 hours
Static Pressure 50 psi Nominal
Dimensions 1.375 in (35 mm) diameter with standard stem length of 24 in (610 mm); fits 2 in (50 mm) standard tap
Weight (including 50 ft cable) 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
Physical - Hot Tap Sensor Signal Cable
Operating Temperature -40 to 125°F (-40 to 52°C)
Physical Polyethylene jacket
Length 50 ft (15 m) std. Optional 100 ft length (30 m) available.
Minimum Bend Radius 6 in (150 mm)
Outer Diameter 0.5 in (13 mm) nominal
ADFM Hot Tap Data Types
Q, V, D Discharge, average velocity, depth
Velocity Velocity profile data (relative to acoustic beam directions) per beam and bin
Echo Intensity Echo intensity data (relative backscatter intensity) per beam and bin
Data Quality Profile data quality indicators (Correlation magnitude, % - Good) per beam and bin
Temperature Transducer temperature output range 20 to 125°F (-7 to 52°C)
Sound Speed One output for speed of sound data
Leader Output of general leader information (time, data, record number, etc.) Col five
Data Storage and I/O
Data Storage Capacity 32 MB std. (300,000 measurements); up to 440 MB optional
Data I/O Interface RS-232 standard. Multiple industry-standard analog and digital protocols optionally available.
Data Transfer Rate Configurable to 57,600 bps
Internal Battery Voltage 24 VDC nominal
Internal Battery Capacity 26 Ah at 75°F (24°C) Alkaline. Battery life 22 weeks at 15 minute sampling interval
External DC 12 - 36 VDC; 10 VDC absolute minimum; 36 VDC absolute maximum
Compatible Software WinADFM Software for Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP


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Yes, the ordering process is very easy. Orders can be made via purchase order or by credit/debit card. Once we have the paperwork we can delivery next day to any location in Europe. Provided with the equipment is a quick start guide, and if you need extra support, the technical support engineers can be contacted via phone call.
No, all of our flowmeters are competitively priced and rental is an ideal option for cutting costs to a fraction of a full priced new flowmeter.
No problem. The quick start guide is designed to make installing the flow meters a simple task. Everything you require for set up will be found in the peli-box supplied with the flowmeter.
Every flow meter is tested upon shipping and return as part of our ISO9001 procedure. Also, as part of this procedure, the flow meter is calibrated once a year. If a copy of the calibration certificate is needed let us know.
The flow meters typically provide an accuracy of ±1 to 2% of rate, so if you are measuring 100l/sec then the accuracy is between 98-102l/sec.
We are here to help. If the self-help and quick start guides do not help, then call one of our technical support engineers on +44 (0) 1527 882060. We have supplied and supported many clamp on rental installations throughout Europe.
First, contact us for a quote. If you are happy with the quote then send us a purchase order. Or alternatively call us with credit card details and fill out and send us a rental agreement form.
If the stock is permitting, and all paperwork is received by 12pm then flow meters can usually be available the next day.
The minimum hire period for flow meters is one week.
Once you have the meter you can rent it for as long as you need it. However, it would help if you can let us know that you wish to extend the rental period. Upon return the meter is off-hired and once checked and tested, an invoice will be issued to you. Also, if you extend your rental past a 4, 8 or 12 week rental threshold, then you are entitled to a discount.
You are only charged for the period of time for which you have the flowmeter. So, if a flowmeter is returned 3 days late you are only charged for 3 extra days, and each of these days is charged at one fifth of the weeks hire cost.
Normally, you will use your own courier but if you have any problems let us know and we can arrange a pick up the day after you notify us, but you will be charged for the carriage and this cost will be added to the invoice.
Without exception, all our flow meters are tested. If you need a 110v plug instead of the standard 230v plug let us know.
All of our standard transducers will do -40degC to +150degC, but this will depend on your application.
  • Liquid: below 50mm CFLP transducers are required, 50-1000mm CRS-402 transducers and 150-8000mm CRS-401 transducers. All the bits you need can be supplied, and delivered with the meter.
  • Gas: below 80mm CRS-402 is required, for 80-300mm the CRS-401/CRV-310 and for above 300mm the CRW-312 transducers are required.
  • High temperatures: For liquid we can measure +450degC for liquid and for gas/steam +250degC. But please consult RS Hydro.
Of course, we make a small surcharge for each set of transducers. Most applications only require one set, but on occasion some people may require two, for more diverse pipe sizes and applications.
An ultrasonic wall thickness gauge, that measures to within 0.05mm, is provided as standard with all flow meter rental packages.
The screendump facility on the integrated dataloggers on all our flow meters, allows you to photograph any screen and download it to your pc.
After the equipment has been shipped, it is the responsibility of the hirer. However, in our experience it is rare that any of our flow meters are damaged. Our flow meters are tough, as well as accurate, and reliable.
We have hired more ultrasonic clamp on flow meters than any other company in Europe. We are now one of the world's largest distributors of GE Panametrics flow meters. We always review your application before hire so no unwanted surprises are encountered. Every effort has been made to make your flow meter hire and enjoyable experience: quick start guides to help you set up with ease, online videos for further help, rugged packaging for extra durability anywhere, and real flow engineers available for online/telephone support.