Solinst 122 Mini Interface Meter

  • Accurate, Reliable and Robust Designed specifically for rugged field use, whilst ensuring accurate readings and compact enough to fit into a backpack
  • Non Corrosive Tapes Stranded stainless steel conductors do not stretch or corrode, are hardwearing and resist kinks
  • IN STOCK Next Day Delivery (if paperwork received by 12noon previous day)
  • ATEX Certification
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The Solinst Mini 122 Interface Meter is a small version of the full-size interface meter and small enough to fit in a small backpack. These mini interface meters come with a 20m narrow flat tape on a small reel. A steady tone and light indicate dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) or light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) whilst an intermittent signal indicates water. The probe on these mini interface meters are pressure proof and is designed for use in various monitoring applications.

The Solinst 122 Mini Interface Meter holds 20m or 65 ft of narrow flat tape on a convenient small reel. It benefits from a long battery life, giving 300 hours or more of normal use with only one standard 9V battery.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: Solinst 122 Mini Interface Meter

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Identifying oil/product
Wastewater management/landfill
Well monitoring


122M Probe 5/8” diameter (16 mm) stainless steel. Similar to the P1 but shorter.
Tape The easy-to-read markings on the tape are permanently heat-stamped into the tape. The dog bone shaped tape avoids adherence to wet surfaces in wells. It is resistant to most chemicals, and the smooth surface of the tape is easy to decontaminate, and easy to handle.
N2 and N3

As above, but on the narrow 1/4” (6 mm) tape for the 122 Mini Interface Meter.


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The Model 122 will detect all types of DNAPL and LNAPL layers as long as both are pure/non-conductive, it will only face an issue if the base of the well is very thick and sticks to the probe which would mask it but you will still get a reading slowly lowering the probe into the DNAPL. You can read the manual HERE
The Solinst Model 122 has an accuracy of 1.0mm. You can read the manual HERE