Solinst 201 Water Level Temperature Meter

  • Wide Temperature Range Measure from -20 deg C to 125 deg C
  • Range of Lengths Available 30m, 60m, 100m, 150m, 250m, 300m, 400m, 500m and 600m
  • Long Battery Life Standard 9V alkaline battery provides 90 hours of operation
Product Options
Carry Case Required
101 Power Winder


The Model 201 Water Level Temperature (WLT) Meter is ideal for measuring static water levels, as well as profiling temperature in wells, boreholes, tanks and open water.

Accurate temperature measurements are clearly displayed on an LCD readout on the faceplate, from -20ºC to +125ºC.

Water level and probe depth measurements are read off the Solinst durable laser marked flat tape. Tape lengths are available up to 2000 ft (600 m).

Also from Solinst, the Model 107 TLC Meter measures water level, temperature and conductivity. (See Model 107 TLC Meter Data Sheet). For datalogging of water level and temperature, see the Model 3001 Levelogger Edge Data Sheet.

An optional carry case is available to purchase separately.

Water Level & Temperature Probe

The 201 Probe is made of high quality 316 stainless steel. The pressure-proof probe can be submerged to 1000 ft (300 m). The zero measurement point on the probe is close to the tip, keeping water displacement at a minimum. A probe shroud protects the sensor tip.

The temperature sensor is located at the stainless steel tip of the probe, however, since the probe body acts as a heat sink, best accuracy is obtained when the probe is completely submerged. The tape seal plug design allows the probe to be easily replaced, if required.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: Solinst 201 Water Level Temperature Meter

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Profiling temperature in wells and open water
Detecting runoff, points of inflow, or other sources of thermal pollution
Early warning of changes in water quality, including dissolved oxygen levels and conductivity
Monitoring and predicting changes in aquatic environments
Geothermal drilling and studies


Temperature Reading Range -20.00°C to +125.00°C
Temperature Reading Accuracy +/-0.10ºC from -5ºC to +50ºC;
+/-0.50ºC outside of that range
Temperature Resolution 0.01ºC
Temperature Stabilisation Time 15 seconds per ºC
Probe Pressure Rating Submersible to 1000 ft (300 m).
Probe Weight 3.07 ounces (87 grams)
Probe Size 5/8" dia., 5.08" long (16 mm x 129 mm)
Wetted Materials (tape/probe) PVDF, Santoprene, Delrin, Viton, 316 stainless steel
Battery Life 90 hours
Auto-off 8 minutes
Standard Tape Lengths Meters: 30, 60, 100, 150, 250, 300
Feet: 100, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1000



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No, Solinst certifies that PFAS is not used, or knowingly present in the manufacturer, or production of their products.