Ruggedised Android Tablet

  • Easy Data Retrieval in the Field Tablet can be connected to Bluetooth enabled devices to view data
  • Long Battery Life
  • Ruggedised Case Ideal for Use in the Field
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Need to connect your Bluetooth enabled device to a rugged tablet? Worried about taking our PC into the field?

Look no further, we have carefully selected a premium Android tablet and rugged case for field use.

Simply add your Android apps, leave your PC behind and pair with your Solinst Levelogger App, Panametrics PT900, Proteus, Eureka Manta, Trimeter or EasyProbe.

The heavy-duty case is shock proof and features a rotating stand, hand and carry strap and the Ruggedised Tablet features a high contrast screen and long battery life together with WiFi and Bluetooth.

Compatible Apps
TransPort PT900
MantaLink (for Manta +, EasyProbe and Trimeter)
Solinst Levelogger App (for Levelogger Series)

Manufactured by: NOT SPECIFIED
Model: Ruggedised Android Tablet

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Data retrieval from Bluetooth enabled instruments


Colour Black
Standing Screen Display Size 8 inches
Screen Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels
Resolution 1280 x 800
RAM Size 2 GB
Hard Drive Size 32 GB
Connectivity Type Cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Power Source Battery powered
Hardware Platform Android
Average Battery Life 123 hours

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