SITRANS LR260 Radar Level Transmitter

  • Robust and Hardwearing Can deal with extreme levels of dust and high temperatures
  • Continuous Level Measurement Measures virtually any solids material to a range of 30m
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The Sitrans LR260 is the ideal solution if continous monitoring of solids in storage vessels with extreme levels of dust and high temperatures, to a range of 30m (98.4ft) is required. The Sitrans LR260 is a 2-wired 25 GHz pulse radar level transmitter with high frequency which allows for small horn antennas mounted easily in nozzles, communication is via HART or PROFIBUS PA.

Operation is simple using the graphical local user interface (LUI) which operates a simple plug-and-play setup using intuitive Quick Start Wizard. Diagnostic support is displayed on the LUI which displays echo profiles. Process intelligence signal processing provides enhanced measurement reliability and Auto False-Echo Suppression of fixed obstructions.

Manufactured by: Siemens-Milltronics
Model: SITRANS LR260 Radar Level Transmitter

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Cement powder
Plastic powder/pellets
Solids bulk storage vessels, and other applications.


Technology Pulse radar
Range 30m (98 ft)
Process Temperature -40 to 200 °C (-40 to 392 °F)
Process Pressure Up to 3 bar g (43.5 psi g)


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