SITRANS PROBE LR Radar Level Transmitter

  • Easy Operation Simple-safe programming and installation, requires minimal maintenance
  • Continuous Reliable Readings Specifically designed for reliable readings in tank farms, chemical storage, digesters and long-range applications
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The Probe LR is a 2-wire loop-powered radar level transmitter for measurement of level and volume, on liquids and slurries in storage or process vessels. The Probe LR is ideal for applications with chemical vapours, temperature gradients, vaccuum or pressure, such as tank farms, chemical storage, digesters and long-range applications. The range is 0.3-20m (1-65 ft). There is an Intrinsically Safe hand-held programmer, making the Probe LR a safe and simple device. The lid does not even have to be opened for the probe to be programmed. The standard Uni-Construction polypropylene road antenna offers excellent chemical resistance and is hermetically sealed. It is also protected from vessel nozzle interference due to its internal, integrated shield and Sonic Intelligence signal processing. The Probe LR level transmitter has improved signal-to-noise ratio, giving high reliability. For basic operation, as few as two parameters are required.

Manufactured by: Siemens-Milltronics
Model: SITRANS PROBE LR Radar Level Transmitter

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Tank farms
Chemical storage
Wastewater wet well
2-wire loop power


Technology Pulse radar
Range 20m (66 ft)
Process Temperature -40 to 80 °C (-40 to 176 °F)
Process Pressure Up to 3 bar g (43.5 psi g)


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