EasyProbe Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde

  • Three Year Warranty Warranty that covers all sensors
  • Low Cost / Competitive Purchase Price The EasyProbe is built for economy
  • Easy To Operate Easy to use, making accurate measurements possible even by a novice
Product Options
Internal battery pack (EP30 only)
mantaMobile Bluetooth® battery pack
Android Bluetooth-equipped tablet with rugged field enclosure
Flow cell
Copper anti-fouling kit
Pipe kit
5 m underwater cable
10 m underwater cable
20 m underwater cable
30 m underwater cable
40 m underwater cable
50 m underwater cable


The EasyProbe™ Package

The EasyProbe20 package includes: a multiprobe with sensors for temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and pH/ORP; ; weighted sensor guard, soft carrying case, tool and maintenance kit, memory stick with instruction manual and technical notes.

The following accessories are optional: the mantaMobile Bluetooth® battery pack; underwater cables in a range of lengths (5 m, 10 m, 20 m, 30 m, 40 m and 50 m); and a Bluetooth-equipped tablet with rugged field enclosure.

The EasyProbe30 package adds: a turbidity sensor with integrated wiper system (and optional internal logging battery pack).

Custom packages and options available. Other options include depth (level) sensors; longer underwater cables up to 50 metres long; SDI-12 and /or Modbus output, an option to add Android™ tablet or an Apple iPad, or simply use your own existing iOS™ or Android™ display.

Parameters include:

  • Temperature
  • Optical Dissolved oxygen
  • Conductivity and salinity
  • pH/ORP
  • Turbidity
  • Depth and level
  • TDS

Sensor Details:

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
The optical dissolved oxygen sensor has no replaceable membranes or caps and requires no circulator. It provides exceptional accuracy and uses luminescent dissolved oxygen technology. It is insensitive to hydrogen sulphide/sulphide (H2S) compared to polarographic DO sensors and is not damaged by sunlight.

Turbidity Sensor
The turbidity sensor is highly accurate up to 4000NTU's. It has a self cleaning wiper that is user programmable up to 5 wipes to remove biological growth or debris.

Depth sensors are available are available as an option either 0-10m vented or 0 – 50m absolute, both provide automatic temperature and salinity compensation.

Temperature Sensor
The temperature sensor is a 30k ohm thermistor and has a 316 Stainless Steel housing. The temperature sensor is used to provide compensation for Specific Conductance, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, and Ion Selective Electrodes.

pH Sensor
The pH sensor is easily maintained. It has a rebuildable reference with PTFE/FEP Junction so there is no sensor to replace.

Conductivity Sensor
A very accurate sensor for measuring conductivity, specific conductance, salinity and TDS. It requires virtually no maintenance and is accurate up to 200,000 uS/cm. It automatically compensates temperature.

Benefits of the EasyProbe™

Designed and made in-house at Eureka - Eureka has been designing and manufacturing market leading water-quality monitoring instruments since 2002.

Wide range of applications - The EasyProbe™ is a member of the Manta family, which since 2002 has proven itself in every kind of application – deep or shallow; hot or cold; fresh or salt; clean or foul; lakes, rivers, estuaries, marine and process waters in thousands of sites around the world. Eureka uses only materials and sensors that will perform and maintain specification in all field conditions.

High accuracy - Eureka builds instruments around the best sensors in the world and are extensively tested and used by government agencies and clients across the world.

Stocked and easy to order - Standard packages in stock ready for next day delivery.

Reliability - Multiprobes are designed and built for demanding field conditions that they are the only manufacturer providing a three-year comprehensive warranty that includes all sensors. Designed for the harshest environments, they are corrosion-resistant and manufactured from strong and durable Delrin.

Low cost - The EasyProbe line is built for economy. With its competitive purchase price and three-year warranty that covers all sensors, the EasyProbe will minimize your cost of ownership.

Easy to operate - Eureka’s strength is combining extensive technical expertise with expert understanding of real field conditions, making the EasyProbe™ easy to use, making accurate measurements possible even by a novice.

Customer service - Part of RS Hydro’s success is built on providing 24/7 customer technical support, quick turnarounds and a UK-based service centre with factory trained technicians. As the master distributor for Europe, we work closely with both Eureka and our customers to provide the best possible product and friendly service.

Manufactured by: Eureka
Model: EasyProbe Multiparameter Water Quality Sonde

Services offered for this product

  • Sales
  • Rental
  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Maintenance


Unattended logging
Remote telemetry
Lakes, rivers and estuaries
Water and waste water
Process control


Parameter, Units Range Resolution Accuracy
Temp, °C -5 to 50 0.01 0.1
pH, units 0 to 14 0.01 0.1
ORP, mV -999 to 999 1 20
Specific Conductivity,
0 to 200,000 four digits;
maximum of one decimal
1% of rdg +/-1
DO, % Sat 0 to 200
200 to 500
DO, mg/l 0 to 50 0.1 corresponds with % sat
Turbidity, FNU, NTU 0 to 1000 four digits; maximum 0.3 or 2% of rdg
1000 to 4000 4% of rdg
Depth, m 0 to 50 m
0.01 0.05
Barometric Pressure, mbar 400 to 900 0.1 1.5
TDS, g/l 0 to 65 0.01 5% of reading
Salinity, PSS 0 to 70 0.01 0.1

EasyProbe™ Specifications
IP Rating IP68
Weight: EasyProbe20 - 0.82Kg
EasyProbe30 - 1.63Kg
Dimensions (including weighted sensor guard): EasyProbe20 - 4.95cm diameter, 47.7cm long
EasyProbe30 - 7.49cm diameter, 47.7cm long
Output options: RS232, SDI12* and Modbus RTU*
Bluetooth Battery Life: Up to 40 hours continuous use depending on sensors.
Certifications: CE
Internal memory: 100,000 data points
External power requirements: 5-14vdc



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