Rental and Lease

RS Hydro are proud to be the UK's leading water quality hire specialists with the largest range of water quality probes and autosamplers available for hire. For over 20 years we have stocked a wide range of water quality sensors, instruments, telemetry systems and auto-samplers for short- or long-term rental.

Our rentals are available for any period within a minimum hire period of one week. All of our instruments are cleaned, fully calibrated, accurate, quality checked and shipped in specialist peli-cases with everything you need to undertake your water quality monitoring project.

The main benefits of rental are:

  • Latest equipment at your finger tips without capital investment or depreciation
  • Next day on site (typically)
  • 24/7 remote or on-site support
  • No maintenance or calibration costs
  • Flexible rental periods 1week+

Our rental fleet includes a range of instrumentation:

  • Multiparameter sondes - we provide a whole range of single and multiparameter sondes covering a vast array of parameters and allowing you to measure up to 30 parameters simultaneously. Instruments include the world-leading Proteus, Manta+, EasyProbe and Trimeter  multiprobes. The range and flexibility of our rental fleet is unparalleled by any other company in the UK. Parameters include turbidity/TSS, dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH/ORP, ammonium, BOD, COD, TOC, DOC, Total Coliforms, Faecal Coliforms, e.coli, Phosphorous, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, HAB sensors, nitrate and oil in water (amongst many others). For a full list of parameters measured please refer to the product specifications.
  • Handheld water quality meters - whether that's a Proteus connected via Bluetooth to your phone or a simple single parameter water quality test meter, you're covered.
  • Meteorological Sensors - we provide a range of raingauges and weather stations available for hire.
  • Level & Flow Sensors - we provide a full range of level and flow sensors and a bespoke service for designing level and flow monitoring outstations.
  • Autosamplers - as a Teledyne ISCO official distributor we provide a range of portable refrigerated and non-refrigerated autosamplers including the industry leading 6712, 3700 and BLZZRD.
  • Telemetry Systems - all of the above can be integrated with our rental telemetry solutions.