Solinst Low Pressure Packers

  • Range of Diameters Available in 46 mm & 94 mm diameters for use in 50 mm and 100mm (2 - 4 inch) wells or in boreholes with a 48 - 127 mm (1.9 - 5 inch) ID
  • Simple Operation Low pressure packers are simply inflated with a hand pump
  • Single or Straddle Packers
  • Multiple Applications: Slug & Pump Tests, Hydraulic Conductivity Testing, Minimising purge volumes & Groundwater Sampling
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800 Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers are a low cost option, which makes them ideal for short-term applications. These packers fit perfectly in 2” and 4” (50 mm and 100 mm) monitoring wells, and they are also suitable for use in smooth boreholes with inner diameters between 1.9” - 5” (48 mm - 127 mm). The packers are inflated with a hand pump with the inflation pressures recommended varying by packer size. For the 1.8” (46 mm) packers, inflation pressures range from 20 psi - 40 psi (140 kPa - 275 kPa) above hydrostatic pressure. Pressures of 20 psi - 30 psi (140 kPa - 240 kPa) above hydrostatic pressure are recommended for the inflation of 3.7” (94 mm) packers.

These low-pressure packers utilise glands made from black-carbon-reinforced rubber (BCR) that are fitted on a body of Sch 80 PVC. In most cases they are lowered through either flexible tubing made from low-density polyethylene or a PVC drop pipe. When packers are lowered without the aid of a drop pipe safety lines should be attached to the eyebolt provided.

Solinst Model 103 Tag Line is perfect for Model 800 Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers. Model 103 Tag Line is a strong cable that is capable of lowering packers effectively while measuring placement depth. When using nylon compression fittings on each individual packer, an inflation line of 1/8” (3 mm) low-density polyethylene can be attached with minimal effort.

Single or Straddle Packers

Model 800 Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers work best with Solinst Double Valve Pumps and Solinst Integra™ Bladder Pumps. It is easy to attach these pumps above the packers, and the water inlet can be located below a single packer or placed between straddle packers with a perforated pipe. It is also possible to suspend Solinst Leveloggers below or between packers from their eyebolts for hydraulic conductivity testing.

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: Solinst Low Pressure Packers

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Water sampling
Hydraulic conductivity testing
Data logging with a levelogger
Minimising purge volumes
Reducing well development time
Slug and pump tests
Injection of tracers, amendments or other other materials
Air sparging (low pressure)


Packer Size OD 1.8” (46 mm) 3.7 ”(94 mm)
Access ID 1/2” (12.7 mm)1” (25.4 mm)
Gland Length 23” (584 mm)30” (762 mm)
Overall Length 29” (737 mm)36” (914.4 mm)
- with centralizers Same 44” (1,117.6 mm)
Borehole Size 1.9 - 2.4” (48 - 61 mm)3.8 - 4.4” (96 - 112 mm)
-with centralizers 2.5 - 3.5” (63 - 89 mm) 4.5 - 5.0” (114 - 127 mm)
Pipe Fittings 1/2” NPT Female1” NPT Male
-with centralizers Same1” NPT Female