COBRA Solar Powered Telemetry Logger

  • IP68 Enclosure IP68 rated device - no need for additional enclosures
  • Rechargeable Batteries Internal batteries powered by solar panel
  • Multiple I/Os Pulse, Tamper, SDI12, RS232 & RS485 inputs
Product Options
Input - Counter#1
Input - Counter#2
Input - Tamper
Input - 4-20mA#1
Input - 4-20mA#2
Input - SDI-12
Input - RS485
Input - RS232
Input - Siemens Mag 8000


The Cobra RTU can record a comprehensive range of pulse, tamper, 4-20mA, SDI12, RS232 and RS485 inputs. The RTu can be powered from an internal lithium battery (up to 5 years) or by external charging such as micro-solar panels or DC input.

Manufactured by: Outpost
Model: COBRA Solar Powered Telemetry Logger

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Environmental & Agricultural Monitoring
Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Smart Energy Monitoring


Analog Inputs (-ENV option)
Channels max 2 (order code)
Accuracy 0.1%
Electrical 0-20mA, single ended
Switched Power Output (SPO) Max 200mA
Pulse/Counter (-ENV option)
Channels max 2 (order code)
Open-circuit voltage 2.8V
Close circuit voltage threshold 1.2V
Input Impedance 1MOhm
Minimum Pulse Width 20ms
Maximum Frequency 25 Hz
Flash Memory 300K
Channel Sampling Rate max 1 min per channel
Power Supply
Input Voltage Range 6-32V DC
Telecoms (-2G or -3G option)
2G / GPRS Frequencies 900/1800/850/1900Mhz
3G / HSDPA Frequencies 850/900/1900/2100 Mhz
Antenna Connector SMA
Size 110mm x55mm x40mm
Weight 255g (9 oz)
Temperature -5 Deg C to 60 Deg C
SDI-12 Connector (-SDI12 option)
Switched Power Output (SPO) Max 200mA
Temperature Probe (-TMP option)
Resolution 0.5 Deg C