Outpost WASP Battery Powered Telemetry Logger

  • 10 Year Battery Life * *Dependent on polling and logging rates
  • IP68 Rating Completely waterproof device. No additional enclosures required.
  • Global Coverage Install anywhere with GSM mobile phone coverage
  • 3 Step Installation Just connect to the meter, swipe magnet to activate your Outpost and you're done
Product Options
Input - Counter#1
Input - Counter#2
Input - Tamper
Input - 4-20mA#1
Input - 4-20mA#2
Input - SDI-12
Input - RS485
Input - RS232
Input - Siemens Mag 8000


The Outpost WASP logger provides low cost telemetry solution for up to 2 channels. The WASP requires no power supply or data cables so can be easily installed in remote areas with mobile phone coverage. Data records are automatically uploaded to your website. The internal battery can last for up to ten years.

Manufactured by: Outpost
Model: Outpost WASP Battery Powered Telemetry Logger

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  • Calibration
  • Maintenance


Environmental and agricultural monitoring
Advanced metering infrastructure
Smart energy monitoring


Analog Inputs (-ENV option)
Channels max 2 (order code)
Accuracy 0.1% (16-bit ADC)
Electrical 0-20mA, single ended
Switched Power Output (SPO) Max 50mA
Pulse/Counter (-ENV option)
Channels max 2 (order code)
Open-circuit voltage 2.8V
Close circuit voltage threshold 1.2V
Input Impedance 1MOhm
Minimum Pulse Width 20ms
Maximum Frequency 25 Hz
Flash Memory 300K
Channel Sampling Rate max 1 min per channel
Telecoms (-2G or -3G option)
2G / GPRS Frequencies 900/1800/850/1900Mhz
3G / HSDPA Frequencies 850/900/1900/2100 Mhz
Antenna Connector SMA
Size 110mm x55mm x40mm
Weight 255g (9 oz)
Temperature -5 Deg C to 60 Deg C
SDI-12 Connector (-SDI12 option)
Switched Power Output (SPO) Max 50mA
Temperature Probe (-TMP option)
Resolution 0.5 Deg C