Solinst LevelVent 5 Water Level Datalogger

  • Low Maintenance Built-in hydrophobic filters and desiccants
  • Choice of Ranges Available 5m, 10m and 20m ranges available
  • Warranty Solinst 3 year warranty
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The Model 3250 Solinst LevelVent 5 is a vented version of the Levelogger®. The high accuracy datalogger is suitable for water level and temperature measurement of surface water and shallow groundwater. The logger has inbuilt memory for up to 150,000 data logs and also benefits from a 10-year battery life (based on 1 reading a minute).

The LevelVent is available in 5m, 10m and 20m ranges with custom cable lengths available up to 152 m (500 ft).

Benefits of Vented Water Level Loggers

  • Ideal for continuous water level measurements in long term projects
  • No need for barometric compensation, reducing data processing time
  • Instant level data for real-time test results

Manufactured by: Solinst
Model: Solinst LevelVent 5 Water Level Datalogger

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Suitable for shallow deployment: up to 20 m (65 ft) submergence
Aquifer characterization: slug tests, pumping tests, etc.
Watershed, drainage basin and recharge monitoring
Stream gauging, reservoir, lake and dam management
Stormwater and runoff monitoring
Tank level measurement
Long-term water level monitoring in wells and surface water


Level Sensor Piezoresistive Silicon with Hastelloy Sensor
Accuracy ± 0.05% FS Typical
Stability of Readings Superior, low noise
Units of Measure m, cm, ft., psi, kPa, bar, ºC, ºF
Normalization Automatic Temperature Compensation
Temp. Comp. Range 0º to 50ºC
Temperature Sensor Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)
Operating Temperature -20ºC to 80ºC
Temp. Sensor Accuracy ± 0.05ºC
Temp. Sensor Resolution 0.003°C
Battery Life Estimate 10 Years — based on 1 reading/minute
Clock Accuracy ± 1 minute/year (-20ºC to 80ºC)
Thermal Response time 3-5 minutes
Maximum # Readings 150,000 sets of readings
Memory Slate and Continuous
Communication 9600 bps Solinst USB
Size 22 mm x 173 mm (7/8" x 6.8")
Weight 182 grams (6.4 oz)
Corrosion Resistance Baked-on coating using polymerization technology (inside and out)
Wetted Materials Delrin®, Viton®, 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy, PFAS-free PTFE coating
Sampling Modes Linear, User-Selectable with Repeat Mode, & Event, Future Start, Future Stop, Real-Time View
Measurement Rates 1/8 sec to 99 hrs
Barometric Compensation Automatic



As the Levelogger App Interface will not connect directly to the top of a Solinst datalogger, it is necessary to have connection accessories. With the Levelogger or Rainlogger, one of the following accessories is required:

  • Direct Read Cable, clients use this option to suspend dataloggers in the field when they wish to communicate downhole.
  • When working with Leveloggers that are suspended from wireline, or cord, the units must be removed from the well and connected to either a Direct Read Cable (as above) or an Optical Adaptor.
  • For the LevelVent, just connect to the unit via the Vented Cable and LevelVent Wellhead that all units are suspended from in the field – no other connection accessories are required.
  • The AquaVent communication connection is made from the App Interface to the AquaVent Wellhead using an App Connector Cable that is ordered separately.
The Levelogger App Interface is portable hardware that connects to the top of your Levelogger via a Direct Read Cable/Adaptor, to a LevelVent Wellhead, or to an AquaVent Wellhead cable. Bluetooth wireless technology allows communication between the Levelogger App Interface and the smart device with the app installed. It allows viewing/downloading of data, and programming of Solinst dataloggers, as well as many other features.
Solinst offers a wide range of dataloggers that can be used with the Leveloggger App Interface. They include the complete, current Levelogger Edge range of units (Edge, Junior Edge, LTC Edge, Rainlogger Edge), previous Gold Leveloggers/Barologgers, and the latest vented datalogger editions, the AquaVent and LevelVent.
  • Program and start dataloggers in the field.
  • Simplify data management in the field by transporting and using less equipment.
  • View real-time readings.
  • Download and e-mail logged data files.
  • Calibrate LTC Leveloggers (NEW).
  • Run the diagnostic utility (NEW) – used for troubleshooting

Leveloggers. Provides detailed information on the datalogger,
and includes options for running a self-test, doing a memory
dump and creating/emailing reports.

The most recent version of the Android App available is 1.2.5 but that is only available for download if your Android device has Android version 8 (oreo) or above. That means, any device running older Android versions can not download the most recent App-This is a restriction that Google has set.